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I've been designing and making bags for over 40 years. My styles are simple and functional. What makes the products special is the beautiful fabrics. I have an eye for color and design, and I know what my customers like. I look at more than 50,000 fabrics a year, searching for designs that are unusual and beautiful. It's an exciting treasure hunt!

Daren Otis

The fabric shown in the background of this page is called
"Bali Strand of leaves, navy and magenta."

An Amazing selection of
Tote Bags, Purses & Accessories!


  • Two layers of premium cotton fabric + inner layer of non-woven interfacing
  • Adjustable elastic
  • Order with nose wire for $1.00 more
  • order any fabric you like!
For information, go to "Products" category 4. Also see "Fabric samples" category 28.

Lightweight Travel Totes offers 20 different styles of bags, purses and accessories, and over 500 gorgeous fabric selections.

Fabrics range from stunning to subtle, cute to sophisticated, modern to classic. Use the "search" page to find your favorite theme, interest, or color.

Affordable - Purses and tote bags range from $16 to $45; accessories are priced from $4.50 to $11.

Lightweight - My fabric bags are comfortable and easy to carry.

Useful Features - include pockets, adjustable straps, key-clips, and more.

Easy Care - The bags are flat, convenient for easy packing or storing. Most of the fabrics are washable.


Schedule for this weekend September 25-26: l be at the market on Saturday from 8-3, and the Sunday Artisan market from 11=4.
To be sure I am at the market, call my home phone number in the morning on market day; I update outgoing message daily.

Two great new fabrics!! Peace signs, and Foxes in woods. Go to "fabric samples - New fabrics."

I have a lot of sale bags, and just added 16 small purses on Sept 10. To see the selection, go to Fabric Samples, and scroll to he bottom of the page. Call or email to order these bargain purses. I'm glad to help you on the phone if you need advice.

I'm not at the Northville Farmers market this year for several reasons. If you are a Northville customer, stay in touch and come to my house to shop if you wish - I live just 11 miles east of that market.

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